The WannaBeatles

Which of the group is Nathan? my home town is Bristol,BY and I was friends of Nathan's uncle Donald.

The WannaBeatles responded on 08/28/2014

Mr. Thompson, This is Nathan Burbank. I'm the keyboard/bass player for the WannaBeatles. I was excited to learn you were a friend of my Uncle Donald. I can still hear his infectious laughter and smell the sweet aroma of his pipe! By the way: My wife and I are flying up to Vermont to celebrate my father's 80th birthday this weekend, and while there, Jim and Judy Brown are hosting a book-signing party for my wife at the Lincoln Library - Tuesday at 6:00pm. Sally just published her first book "Patients I Will Never Forget". Jim asked if we could sing a few songs at the event, so I think I'll sing Bristol Lights. Everyone is welcome, if you feel inclined to come. (Tuesday, 9/2, 6:00-7:30) Free. Thanks for your email!

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