The WannaBeatles

What is your training background? Did you have any formal studies? You are all fantastic musicians and vocalists. Really enjoyed your performance in Greenwood this weekend.

The WannaBeatles responded on 05/15/2018

Hi Monique,

Thank you for getting in touch with The WannaBeatles. I hope you enjoyed the show in Greenwood as much as we enjoyed playing there. It was a fun night.

Each of the group members has studied music in one form or another - as young students growing up, in college, or private lessons. Some of us, like our guitarist Bryan, picked up playing additional instruments on his own (clarinet and mandolin). I had to learn harmonica to play enough to play on certain Beatles songs. You made have noticed our drummer, David, playing drums with one hand and keyboard with the other on songs like "Here Comes the Sun" and "I Am the Walrus."

Keep rocking',
Dennis ("the short one')

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